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Hydro Tech has been installing sports field irrigation systems for over a decade. We have worked with school districts all across Ohio to help them meet their irrigation needs!

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about having a sports field irrigation system installed. We understand that this can be a long stressful process, which is why we strive to make this process of quoting, designing, and installing your sports field irrigation system as seamless and easy as possible!

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Football Field Irrigation

Are you looking for an above ground football field irrigation system, or an in ground football field irrigation system? No matter which one you are considering Hydro Tech is the number one football irrigation company in the area.
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Baseball Field Irrigation

Have you ever thought about having a baseball field irrigation system installed? How about a smart baseball field irrigation system? As an athletic director or someone who is in charge of the irrigation for your baseball field having a smart irrigation system is hassle free.
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Soccer Field Irrigation

How much does a soccer field irrigation system cost? It can vary. The great news is that we offer free estimates on smart soccer field irrigation systems. Click the learn more button below to get a free quote.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Field Irrigation:

The typical cost of a sport field irrigation system can range depending on the needs of the system and the size of the sports field. The typical cost can range from $8,000 – $46,000.

When you have so many people working to make sure your sports field is in mint condition it only makes sense to make sure you have a smart sports field irrigation system.

This is why it critical to have a smart sports field irrigation system. When we install you smart system it uses weather data to ensure that you are not over water, or under watering your field.

Depending on the time of year that we start your install we can usually have your entire system installed in as little as two weeks.

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