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Is It Time To Get Your Backflow Tested?

In Ohio it is required to have the backflow or your irrigation system tested once a year. This is to ensure that the public water is not being contaminated from a faulty system.

If you have a failing result more than once in a calendar year an approved backflow specialist must come out and test the property to determine if it is a faulty system or from factors such as landscape, soil types etc.

Common causes of a failing backflow test:

1. Improper installation or previous repairs were not correctly made.

2. The system was cross connected to the potable water supply line at the meter box.*

3. Cracks in your irrigation piping from using cheap fittings instead of recommended parts by the manufacturer.

Whether you need irrigation backflow testing, residential irrigation system installation, commercial irrigation system installation, sprinkler systems & repair, irrigation spring start Up, irrigation system winterization, irrigation system winterization or irrigation repairs,  our company is here to take care of all your irrigation service needs.

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Certified Irrigation Backflow Company

A backflow is a device that flips the direction of water, allowing it to flow in the opposite direction. This is necessary for irrigation systems because they pull water from the municipal supply of city water, which could contaminate your system if not properly cared for.

Backflow Prevention Devices are required in Ohio, and you will need to have your backflow tested every year. In the event that contamination was detected, we would inform you of the issue and provide any necessary corrections.